"Mr Majestät", aluminum. Permanently placed at "Konst på Hög" in Kumla in June 2018. For the moment VANDALIZED and moved to storage!
"Fågel, Fisk eller Mittemellan" is a public commission for the new Kungälvs Resecentrum. Contains a group of three sculptures in glassfiber standing on a sitting furniture. Inaugurated 29.4 2018
"Kumla-Kotten", aluminium 2018. Installed in Kumla 17th of April 2018. Photo: Johan Ardefors
Public commission to a preschool in Järfälla kommun. The accepted proposal "Kopparvägens Zoo" contains three smaller assemblages of enlarged toys in painted and not painted aluminum. Installation in the end of September 2018.
Public commission to a preschool in Nacka kommun. The accepted proposal "House on Boots" contains one assemblage of a house with four Barbie-boots. Installation during spring 2019.
Public commission to a school at Styrsö in the archipelago in Gothenburg. The accepted proposal " Metallic Flowers" contains eight flowers built of toys connected to the four elements: Air, Earth, Water and Fire casted in aluminum Installation in November 2019.
Fem minuter film om Lena Flodman av Linnea Schröder. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COJ0Nf2nI_s
Samtal om konst och plast mellan Marie Löf, ekotoxikolog, Sebastian Johans konstkritiker och Lena Flodman , konstnär. Moderator: Maria Lilja. Click for link.
"Utan måtta och logik" at Domeij Gallery 24.2-24.3 2018 www.galleridomeij.com Lena Flodmans dystopiska rokoko Clic för full text by Sebastian Johans